Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Website Review: War of 1812

THE WAR OF 1812 website by Thinkport provides endless resources for exploring this often overlooked time in American history.
Produced through a collaboration among the Maryland Public Television, Friends of Fort McHenry, and the National Park Service, the website is organized into four sections: overview, resources, interactives, and field trips.
The Overview introduces the context of the war and the key players.
The Resources section provides over 100 documents, images, lessons, videos, audios, and interactives related to the War of 1812. Users can filter their search by resource type, grade, or keywords.
The Interactives area includes a clickable map, slideshow, “Hold the Fort” game, “Cast Your Vote” games, and a link to online tools.
The Field Trips section links to key historical sites where students can learn more about battles and key events. Links are also provided to other resources related to the topic. Many of these materials were designed for the 200th anniversary a few years ago.
To visit the website, go to