Saturday, April 25, 2015

Website Review: Morse Code Day

MORSE CODE DAY is April 27th in commemoration of the birth of inventor Samuel Morse in 1791.
For a simple Morse Code Translator, go to
Learn a little about the history of Morse Code at the White River Valley Museum. Also, try their translator at
Boys’ Life provides a Morse Code Machine that contains both the visual and auditory elements of morse code. Go to…/morse-code-machine/. It also has built-in practice.
Connect Morse Code to science. Involve students in building their own Hila Code Key device. Hold a contest in your library to see who can decipher a message first! Go to
Do you want to get serious? Download the 99 cent app called Morse-It by Francis Bonnin. This app allows users to translate, interpret, type, and convert Morse code. It also provides lessons to learn Morse code. Go to
For a great April Fool’s Joke featuring Morse Code, go to Gmail Tap at