Thursday, February 18, 2016

App Review: MarcoPolo Ocean

MARCOPOLO OCEAN is an engaging learning app for budding young scientists.
Designed for preschool and early primary grades, the app provides an immersive environment for young children to explore ocean habitats and creatures.
Choosing an item from the Puzzle icon menu introduces a learning activity such as building a boat or creating an underwater habitat for octopi. Oral directions are provided along with visual assistance for young users. Each of the six activities reinforces vocabulary and ocean concepts.
Choosing an item from the Fish icon menu allows uses to add elements such as divers and sea creatures to the ocean and explore life under the sea.
Librarians will find this app to be a highly visual way to introduce the ocean to young learners. Create a display that includes books about ocean creatures found in the app. The app would be particularly useful for children with special needs.
Part of the Discovery Series, related apps include Arctic and Weather.
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