Friday, December 12, 2014

App Review: American Museum of Natural History

The AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY (AMNH) is known for their great website, however they also have a growing number of quality, free apps.

THE POWER OF POISON: BE A DETECTIVE is a 2014 Webby Award Nominee. The app involves students in exploring three different cases of accidental poisoning in animals. Through a series of animations, participants must determine which of the 18 suspects is to blame.

PTEROSAURS: FLIGHT IN THE AGE OF DINOSAURS is an app that provides an in-depth look at flying reptiles and the latest fossil discoveries. Animations, interactives, video interviews, and exciting activities immerse youth in the world of dinosaurs. PTEROSAURS: THE CARD GAME and DINOSAURS are two other apps based on the AMNH special exhibit.

The CREATURES OF LIGHT app provides animations, photo galleries, and videos related to bioluminescence.

The BERNARD FAMILY HALL OF NORTH AMERICAN MAMMALS app provides information about the museum’s mammal collection including interviews, photos, and commentary from the curator.

COSMIC DISCOVERIES is an app containing 1000 astronomical images from the AMNH’s image collection.

These free apps are a wonderful way to expose youth to the wonders of science and the importance of museums.

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