Friday, September 23, 2016

Website Review: The Living Room Candidate

THE LIVING ROOM CANDIDATE from the Museum of Moving Image features U.S. presidential campaign commercials from 1952 though 2016.
The website includes both political advertisements as well as educational resources and tools.
The Commercials section is organized by election year. Each election features background information, candidate information, results, and commercials.
The Type of Commercials section explores ads by topic such as commercials that backfired. Users can learn about the topic and view videos.
The Issue section features topics including civil rights, corruption, taxes, war, and welfare.
The Curator’s Choice section examines examples of effective strategies.
Users can also view playlists and create their own projects. Teachers can download lessons. The Admaker tool can be used to edit videos. Additional resources are also available.
Librarians will find this website to be a valuable tool for government and history classes. The resources are easy to access and use.
To visit the website, go to