Saturday, June 11, 2016

Website Review: Capstone Kids

CAPSTONE KIDS is an engaging children’s website featuring characters from Capstone books.
The Characters section takes children to information about dozens of book characters. These pages contain short videos, information about the characters, book lists, interesting background information, author/illustrator information, and sometimes downloadable such as activities that can be printed.
The Make Stuff section features recipes, magic tricks, drawing, fold it, crafts, and projects. Written with children in mind, each page provides simple instructions, materials, additional project ideas, and downloadable handouts.
The Contests section is updated as new opportunities arise such as the Create the Scrappers Contest.
The Explore section features facts about a wide range of topics. Each page contains a topic, jokes, activities, information, quizzes, and games.
The Games and Quizzes sections feature dozens of games related to science, folk tales, health care, and other topics.
Librarians will find this website to be a fun way to connect reluctant readers to the world of books. Create a display that features book series and characters along with a tablet or laptop where children can explore the website. Periodically rotate the featured series. The short articles in the characters and explore sections would be useful for informational reading activities.
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