Tuesday, February 16, 2016

App Review: PBS Students

PBS STUDENTS by PBS LearningMedia is an app designed to help learners access educational content and create storyboards to share their ideas.
The app was designed to complement the PBS LearningMedia Student portal website. Providing access to thousands of resources across subject areas, students can watch videos, play interactives, download images, and complete activities. Favorite programs including those by Ken Burns, Jim Henson Company, NOVA, National Archives, NASA, and many more are available through the app.
Learners explore content by subject area or search for a topic. Local resources can be accessed by state and community. Students can create an account so they can store favorites and build interactive web pages called Storyboards to share what they’ve learned.
Librarians will find this app to be an effective way to provide access to PBS content in a controlled environment. The easy-to-use building tools are an interesting way for students to create and share an interactive poster containing media, images, a background, and text. A URL is generated that students can share with their teacher.