Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Website: International Fact Checking Day

INTERNATIONAL FACT CHECKING DAY draws attention to the importance of accurate information world-wide.
Although April 2 is the day for global conversation about fact-checking, the website contains useful information that librarians, classroom teachers, and students can use everyday.
The resource includes dozens of articles exploring tips, myths, and resources associated with fact finding activities. The Educheckmap shows projects, resources, investigations, activities, and organizations world-wide that are examining topics such as critical thinking and media, data, and misinformation literacy.
Educators can download a role-playing card game and lesson plan that stimulates critical thinking, fact-based dialogue and analytical skills.
A Fake News Trivia Quiz is a great way to jumpstart discussions about misinformation and fake news.
Librarians will find this website weaves seamlessly into the information literacy curriculum.