Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Book Review: The Glass Sentence

THE GLASS SENTENCE by S. E. Grove is the intriguing first book in The Mapmakers fantasy series. Those who enjoy alternative history and plays on time and space will find the imaginative approach well-crafted.

The story takes place in 1891 after The Great Disruption that jumbled time and geography. Sophia’s parents are explorers who left her in the care of her Uncle in Boston. After her Uncle is kidnapped, Sophia and her new friend Theo must rescue her Uncle, save the world, and set up the second book in the series.

This exciting mystery includes adventures on trains and pirate ships, in castles and dungeons, and even a race through caves and up ice towers. Lovers of cartography will be delighted by the idea of interactive, immersive maps made of unique materials.

What makes THE GLASS SENTENCE distinct is its interesting approach to world-building. Readers must be willing to suspend disbelieve not only in terms of place, but also of time. With many works of fantasy, the key to success is how much readers connect with the imaginary world established by the author. When a reader feels this world is too much like the "real world," too different from our universe, or simply poorly developed, it can be difficult to entice the reader unless the characters and plot are exceptional. Grove has created a bizarre, but fascinating alternative universe.

This inventive fantasy will appeal to sophisticated readers, but may be overwhelming and confusing to others. For those youth willing to suspend disbelief, it’s a great new breed of fantasy.

Consider using this book to kick off an exploration of maps in books, the history of maps, and exploration.

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