Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Technology Review: Quandry

QUANDARY is both a web and app-based learning game for middle grade students that promotes critical thinking and decision-making skills.
Exploring concepts related to ethical decision-making, users are immersed in a futuristic colony on the planet Braxos. Colonists must make decisions about the future of the colony based on facts, opinions, and alternative solutions. The game contains three episodes addressing different types of dilemmas. In Lost Sheep, colonists must weigh the value and threat of a native predator. In Water Wars, the community must deal with issues of water pollution and cooperation. In Fashion Faction, colonists must consider the pros and cons of conformity.
The scenarios are presented using an attractive, graphic-novel style approach. Participants can explore the perspectives of a dozen different characters by reading their cards contains text and animation. Users sort these cards into three categories: fact, solutions, or other opinion. To proceed students must correctly sort the cards. Users work their way through a series of problems and solutions to come to a conclusion that addresses the dilemma.
Librarians will find that the game can be associated with reading, listening, and speaking standards. Skills related to critical thinking, perspective-taking, and decision-making can be directly connected with the Standards for 21st Century Learners.
The website contains teacher support materials to facilitate discussions related to the game.
To try the web-based version, go to http://www.quandarygame.org/
To download the app version, go to https://itunes.apple.com/WebObj…/MZStore.woa/…/viewSoftware….