Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Book Review: Mark of the Thief

MARK OF THE THIEF by Jennifer A. Nielsen is the first book is an exciting new middle-grades fantasy series.
Set near the end of the Roman Empire, a young slave named Nic becomes involved in a dangerous conflict that reaches the highest levels of Roman government. Along the way, Nic acquires a griffin’s powerful mark, Caesar’s bulla, and the ability to perform magic. His journey leads to the heart of Rome where he discovers friends, enemies and family secrets.
This well-written, fast-paced story weaves together a fascinating array of characters that will engage readers from beginning to end.
Youth who enjoy Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson books are sure to enjoy this work of historical fiction fantasy. Librarians and teachers will find this book a great jumping off spot for a discussion of the fact and fiction of the Roman Empire. Both girls and boys are likely to enjoy the characters and plot.
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Published by Scholastic.