Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Review: The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

THE BOYS WHO CHALLENGED HITLER: KNUD PETERSON AND THE CHURCHILL CLUB by Phillip Hoose tells the amazing true story of teens who stood up to the Nazis in Denmark during World War II.
The book’s introduction discusses how the author learned about the story and connected with one of the Churchill Club members. This work of nonfiction then alternates between a narrative discussing the formation and activities of the Churchill Club with the recollections of member Knud Pedersen.
Filled with historical photos, maps, artwork, and other primary source documents, the fast-paced story is presented in short chapters that follow the teens from their acts of sabotage through their trial and imprisonment during the War. It concludes with a discussion of what happened to the group members after the War.
To ensure that this book doesn’t get lost in the nonfiction section, consider featuring it along with works of historical fiction. Or, even better, suggest it to youth who enjoy dystopian fiction. This work of nonfiction contains the elements of resistance fighting that youth enjoy in dystopian works. It’s also a great choice for youth who enjoy real-world military and adventure stories.
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Published by Farrar Straus Giroux on May 12, 2015.