Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Website & App Review: Starfall

STARFALL has been a popular educational website for more than a decade. Focusing on fun reading, math, and music experiences for preschool through primary grades, the website contains dozens of free activities and e-books that can be used on desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. Beyond the free website, hundreds of other wonderful interactives are available at a membership rate. Prices are available for teachers, labs, and schools. Additional print curriculum materials are also available.

Recently, STARFALL has created an App-based (Apple, Google, KindleFire) experience for youth. The app environment contains no ads and no in-app-sales for members. In addition, individual titles are available for a small fee rather than paying the membership price for the whole collection. Unfortunately, very few of the app-based resources are available for free.

In addition to their use in classrooms, these materials are also effective for special needs students and those needing extra help with reading. Consider how these tools might be integrated into the computers and tablets available in the library.

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