Monday, August 27, 2018

Website: Newseum Ed

The NEWSEUM Ed website provides free learning tools focusing on media literacy and the First Amendment freedoms.
The website includes sections exploring educational tools, collections, ideas, an online community, and professional development classes. Users can search for primary sources, lesson plans, activities, and other resources.
The EdCollections section explores important topics in-depth using primary sources and interactive tools. Topics include public safety, civil rights movement, women’s suffrage movement, political campaigns, and more.
The EdIdeas area provides tips, classroom ideas, collection highlights, and breaking news. It features primary sources and media literacy activities connected with current and historical events.
The Media Literacy section focuses specifically on fighting fake news and developing student media literacy skills. The resources include activities, lessons, case studies, and guest blog posts.
Librarians will find this resource filled with useful lesson plans and other learning resources that can be woven across the curriculum. Suggest the online resources as an all-school professional development activity to promote media literacy.
To visit the website, go to