Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blog Interaction with Janette Fluharty - Thurs. Nov. 9 to Sat. Nov. 11, 2006

Janette Fluharty is the final SLMS visiting with the class for this semester's blog series. She is completing her second year as the teacher librarian at Avon Intermediate School East, Avon, IN.

Visit her school's website is at
(Look for the link to media center pages at Special Areas)

Learn more about Janette's experience and interests at

Janette has a strong background as a classroom teacher. She can share her insights and practical ideas about switching careers, getting started with her own school library program, and any topic related to school library media.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blog Interaction with Hella Rumschlag - Thurs. Nov. 2 to Sat. Nov. 4, 2006

Hella Rumschlag is in her first year as the media specialist and technology coordinator at Mohawk Trails Elementary School in Carmel, IN.

You can learn more about Hella's professional background at

You might ask Hella about her experiences in this first year as teacher librarian in charge of her own program. Knowing that she worked as a library assistant for several years, you also have an opportunity to ask about her insights and recomendations for supervising paraprofessional staff member positions.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blog Interaction with Robert Cox - Mon. Oct. 30 to Wed. Nov. 1, 2006

Rob Cox is a media specialist who works at two schools in Fortville, IN. Both are elementary schools, one serving grades K-4 and the other grades 5 and 6.

Learn more about Rob at

You can ask Rob for his candid views about his first few years on-the-job, about his experience working at two schools, or anything related to the school library media profession.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog Interaction with Robyn Young - Thurs. Oct. 26 to Sat. Oct. 28, 2006

Robyn Young, director of school media at Avon High School, blogged with last year's class November 14-16, 2005.

Learn more about her at Robyn's research project on graphic novels was funded by the American Library Association ( Robyn also would be an excellent person to e-talk about library media center newsletters, annual reports, and program assessment.

Feel free to expand discussion about any topic for school library media.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog Interaction with Carl Harvey II - Mon Oct. 23 to Wed Oct. 25, 2006

Carl Harvey II, library media specialist at North Elementary School (Noblesville, IN) is another 'blue ribbon' guest and return blogger. You can read last year's interactions at this site: Oct. 24-26, 2005

Carl is a prolific figure in School Library Media, active in the profession in leadership roles at the state and national level, a frequent author of professional articles, and presentor at conferences. He's a co-chair for next year's AASL National Conference in Reno, NV. He is also a frequent mentor to others who are just starting to get active in the professional field.

Learn more about Carl's professional activities and accomplishments at

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog Interaction with Catherine Trinkle - Thurs. Oct. 19 to Sat. Oct. 21, 2006

Catherine Trinkle is the media specialist at Hickory Elementary in Avon, IN.

Also a returning volunteer participant this year, Catherine is active in the professional field - writing/publishing, presenting, and serving in a number of organizational representative roles. You can find last year's e-converstions with her at this blogsite, October 13-15, 2005.

Learn more about Catherine at

Catherine has integrated new technologies into her SLMS program, coordinated a variety to reading initiatives and promotions, written and received funding from a number of grants, and orchestrated successful fundraising events. Another busy teacher librarian, she is willing to discuss any issues that relate to her work or her insights into the profession.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog Interaction with Nancy McGriff - Mon. Oct. 16 to Wed. Oct. 18, 2006

Nancy McGriff is another school library media specialist with a proven "track record." She has headed up school library media programs at all grade levels. At two different schools and in three different school years (1992, 1999 and 2005) her media programs have garnered outstanding awards. She is a strong mentor and leader in the profession and frequently presents at conferences.

To learn more, be sure to visit

Recommend that you first visit her blog interactions with last year's students, Sept. 22-24, 2005. She is willing to share her expertise and insights about any facet of school library media programs and her career.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blog Interaction with John McDonald – Thurs. Oct. 12 to Sat. Oct. 14, 2006

John McDonald is the latest SLMS from Indiana to receive the prestigious "Frances Henne Award" from the American Library Association (ALA, 2005) as the outstanding new school library media specialist of the year. He is also currently serving as President-Elect of the Association for Indiana Media Educators (AIME, 2006).

Learn more about John McDonald at

John is another returning blogger for the class. You will find that he is energetic and innovative, willing to try new ideas and ways in his middle school position. Something seems to be working, and John is willing to share his candid insights. If you're looking for conversation/question starters, then John encourages you to read parts of the annual report at his Media Center website. Most of the major initiatives are outlined in that document.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blog Interaction with Bonnie Grimble – Mon. Oct. 9 to Wed. Oct. 11, 2006

Bonnie Grimble works as the department chair of the Media Center at Carmel High School. Carmel High, grades 9 through 12, has over 4,000 students, more than 150 classroom teachers, ten administrators, near twenty other professional staff, and over 150 other support and service staff members. In her position, Bonnie works closely with three other media specialists and three media managers. Learn more about Bonnie Grimble at

Bonnie is another return participant for these blog interactions. You will find last year's discussions with her here at this blogsite: Oct. 17-19, 2005. Bonnie has a comprehensive range of expertise and experiences gained at both her large-urban high school workplace and her service in the school library media profession. And as usual, try to extend this year's conversations with Bonnie in ways not covered previously.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Blog Interaction with Elizabeth Winningham – Thurs Oct. 5 to Sat. Oct. 7, 2006

Elizabeth Winningham began her school library career opening the media center at Avon Intermediate School (Now designated as East). More recently, she was centrally involved in the planning, development, and opening of the media center for a new school, Avon Intermediate School West (Her present work location).

Learn more about Elizabeth Winningham at

Elizabeth is a return participant for these blog interactions. You will find last year's discussions with her here at this blogsite: Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2005. Elizabeth has unique insights into reading and approaches for helping reluctant readers, collaborative planning, information literacy, and experiences in planning and opening a new school media centers. Don't limit disccussion to these topics; Elizabeth has a wealth of career and professional information, ideas, and experience to share. Try to extend this year's conversations in ways not covered previously.