Monday, February 06, 2017

Technology Review: Best of YouTube

BEST OF YOUTUBE is a YouTube page that connects with YouTube’s automatically generated channels containing the latest news, information, and entertainment videos.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when visiting the YouTube website. However, YouTube has created a series of auto-generated pages to help users locate its most popular content. Across the top of the Best of YouTube page are links to these pages.
The Popular on YouTube page contains dozens of playlists to help users locate videos by category such as animals, politics, sports, games, hobbies, and movie trailers. Playlists are often added for special events such as national elections, Olympic sports, and disasters.
In addition to the Popular channel, YouTube has other automated channels such as News, Music, Gaming, Sports, and TV Shows. The Spotlight channel is of particular note because it focuses on new and trending topics from around the world. The Live channel is useful on days when you want to keep up on a constantly changing news story. Finally, the Education channel keeps users up-to-date on popular videos across the curriculum.
Librarians will find that many of the playlists aren’t related directed to the curriculum. However, these auto-generated pages are a quick way to locate current information on topics such as politics, technology, science, social issues, and news events.
A Popular on YouTube page is available for many countries around the world. Do a Google search and you can find the links to the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and others. It’s interesting for students to compare what’s popular in each country.
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