Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book & App Review: Noisy Sing-along Collection

The NOISY SING-ALONG collection by John Himmelman is a wonderful way to connect children with science and nature. Available as both print books, e-books, and apps, you’ll want to get all three for your library.
Designed for pre-K through grade 3, NOISY BIRD SING-ALONG is the latest addition in this nature awareness series. The print book and e-book includes large, colorful illustrations of robins, sparrows, owls, mallards, and more. Colorful text is used to introduce the sound of each bird. In addition to information about the bird and sound, the habits and habitat of each bird is described.
This easy concept book would be an effective way to introduce young children to informational reading. In addition, the text is easy enough for primary grade readers to enjoy independently. The Fun Facts and Things to Do pages are useful for older children, teachers, and parents.
In addition to the print version, an app version is available for NOISY BUG SING-ALONG and NOISY FROG SING-ALONG. One advantage to the app is that children can hear the sounds. App designer Malachi Bazan successfully adapted the print books to the app environment. Users have two easy-to-use options for reading: Read to Me and Read to Myself. The Read to Me option highlights each word as it’s read by an engaging narrator. Clicking on the illustrations generates simple animation. A matching game builds in the facts found at the end of the print version of the book and actively involves readers with the sounds.
Active listening is an important skill. Getting children involved with identifying creature sounds is an excellent way to develop observational skills using the auditory channel. This book series would be an outstanding addition to an elementary school library collection.
To learn more about bird sounds, explore Songs & Calls at Their free bird guide contains hundreds of sounds to explore. Go to
The Noisy Sing-Along collection is published by Dawn Publications