Monday, January 12, 2015

Website Review: John and Hank Green Online Resources

Brothers John and Hank Green are social media celebrities, but they also provide important content that young adults love. John is best known for his award-winning YA novels like The Fault in Our Stars, while Hank is the creator of endless online content. Over the past several years they’ve developed a staggering amount of online content.
The CrashCourse YouTube Channel feature short, live action and animated videos exploring key concepts from world history to biology. Go to
The SciShow YouTube Channel uses quick, enthusiastic videos to discuss science news, history, and concepts. Go to
The vlogbrothers YouTube Channel features videos on current topics of interest to teens. They do an outstanding job putting important global issues into language young people understanding. Go to
The Project for Awesome is a great example of social activism focusing on topics such as education and literacy. Users are encouraged to create videos to support their favorite charity. Go to
Are you a Nerdfighter? Teacher librarians should be aware of this online community popular with teens. Associated with the Green brothers, the subculture promotes togetherness and positive peer support. Their motto is DFTBA, “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”. Nerdfighters is a community website that includes book and music discussions and engaging projects such as short story writing contests. Go to
For John and Hank’s website go to
For John’s Tumbler, go to
For Hank’s Tumbler, go to