Thursday, May 21, 2015

Website Review: The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SHERLOCK HOLMES is both a physical and virtual exhibition focusing on the famous fictional crime investigator.
Although it would be fun to experience the traveling exhibition in personal, the website presents lots of information about author Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous detective.
The Path to Baker Street section explores those people who inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes and the characters in the stories. Historical photographs bring the time period to life.
The Popular Fellow section features the movie and television adaptations. It also provides links to Sherlockian Societies, fan sites, and trivia.
The Footsteps of Holmes connects the fictional aspects of the stories to the real forensic science. Short videos and images highlight Sherlock’s methods.
The Sherlock in the Classroom area includes information, activities, and resources that can be used independently or in combination with a physical tour.
Create a librarian display featuring the works of Sherlock Holmes as well as a laptop with the website. Incorporate the suggested activities to make the display interactive!