Friday, January 01, 2016

Tech Review: Reef Defender

REEF DEFENDER is an app from the Department of Land and Natural Resources of Hawaii.
Before jumping into the game, app users are encouraged to explore the Hawaii Sharks website to learn more about sharks, Hawaiian mythology, shark safety, and shark incidents. An shark quiz is also available. Students will also enjoy following sharks with the Tiger Shark tracker.
After learning about the importance of the reefs to sharks, app players use their pet shark to boot bad items that can harm the reef out of the ocean. Bad items include bottles, cans, cigarettes, invasive species, motor oil, herbicides, and fertilizer.
Librarians will find this game to be a nice way to motivate youth to explore the informational website about sharks. Add this app to a learning center that includes books about reefs and reef creatures.
The app is available for both Apple and Android.
To explore the website, go to