Saturday, September 15, 2018

Book: Absolute Expert

ABSOLUTE EXPERT is a new, high interest series from National Geographic Kids.
From animals to sports, each title in the ABSOLUTE EXPERT series explores tips, tricks, and fascinating facts straight from experts in the field.
ABSOLUTE EXPERT SOCCER focuses on playing the game, origins of soccer, soccer around the world, and soccer in North America. Each colorful and highly illustrated chapter features expert information, suggestions, terminology, and quizzes to engage readers. Filled with photos, maps, charts, diagrams, and other visuals along with short text passages, this book is sure to connect with young soccer fans.
ABSOLUTE EXPERT DOLPHINS examines the world of dolphins, their habitat, and their connection with humans. Featuring expert advise from a marine biologist, the book uses short text passages, photographs, maps, diagrams, and infographics to convey facts about these popular sea creatures.
Librarians will find a high demand for this new series. National Geographic Kids knows what topics will be popular with young readers. Feature this series in a display promoting career exploration. Each book contains four chapters that would work well for a nonfiction book discussion.
Published by National Geographic Kids in May 2018. ARC courtesy of the publisher.