Monday, October 03, 2016

Website Review: That's Not Cool

THAT’S NOT COOL is a teen website designed to increase awareness of digital dating abuse.
This interactive website provides suggestions for what teens should do if they’re being pressured, controlled, or disrespected in digital spaces. With lots of connections to social media and personal stories, the website is intended to support teens in need.
A Cool Not Cool game is intended to help young adults make good decisions in relationship situations.
The Speak Up area encourages users to ask questions and explore answers.
The Adult Allies section provides resources to help educators working with teens.
The TNC Channel provides call-out cards, retro videos, and arcade-style games related to the topic.
Librarians will find that this website is an effective way to draw attention to issues related to digital dating abuse. Connect the resource to units related to digital citizenship.
To visit the website, go to