Monday, June 08, 2015

Tech Review: Rex the Roach

REX THE ROACH is an adorable, interactive, picture book ebook app for children.
Designed for ages 6-8, this engaging ebook tells the story of Rex the robot cockroach. Rex isn’t a naughty roach, he’s just a poor listener which leads to trouble. When he gets lost, he encounters lots of interesting creatures on his way home.
Each page contains an interactive element that’s easily found by clicking on the robot finger. This interactive feature displays additional text, starts animated sequences, and moves from page to page. Clicking on parts of the screen related to the story may also trigger animation. In some cases, readers may need to re-read the screen to determine how to proceed making this book great for promoting reading comprehension. Readers can always swipe the screen to continue.
A menu of options called the “choose-a-matic” is accessed through a green bar at the bottom of the screen. Uses can go to particular pages or adjust the sound. They can also choose between the “I Will Read” and “Read to Me” options.
The charming illustrations will appeal to young children. The audio narrative is clear and soothing, The paragraphs of information are large and clear enough to read easily. However, the font may be distracting for early readers. American readers to be aware that British spelling is used such as “realised” rather than realized”.
Librarians will want to add this ebook app to their growing collection of interactive picture books.
Published by Software Results.