Saturday, June 25, 2016

Website Review: Generation On

GENERATION ON is a website exploring youth service projects from around the world.
While to website features it’s own projects, the ideas can be applied to any local service learning organization. The website is divided into resources for kids, teens, and adults.
The Kid’s section begins by providing stories about young people doing good in their communities. Next, students can explore a wide range of service areas including animal welfare, bullying and tolerance, literacy, education, environment, citizenship and civic engagement, emergency preparation and response, homelessness and poverty, health and wellness, hunger, senior citizens, peace and kindness, as well as military and veterans. Within each area students can view dozens of project ideas and examples. The resources section provides specific guidelines and fact sheets to help youth better understand the activities involved in service learning. Links are provided to games and interactives that contain background information about many of the topics such as emergency preparedness and environmental issues. Finally, current opportunities are featured to help jumpstart service learning projects.
The Teen’s section contains similar sections to the kid’s area, but includes more depth and age-appropriate activities and project examples. This section also promotes the idea of service clubs and sharing.
Parent, Educator, and Organizations sections provide information about ways to involve youth in service learning projects and detail upcoming activities.
Librarians will find endless ideas for service learning projects at this constantly updated website. A blog and calendar provide easy access to news and information about upcoming opportunities.
To visit the website, go to