Saturday, October 17, 2015

Multiplatform Book-Tech-App Review: Voyagers: Project Alpha

The VOYAGERS series is a multi-platform experience including books, an app, and a website filled with engaging activities.
Each book in this science fiction series is written by a different author. The first title, PROJECT ALPHA by D.H. Hale features four children battling against a wide array of creatures to become part of an elite team that will be sent into space to help save the world. The books contain attractive graphics and cool coded symbols to engage readers.
The Voyagers website contains information about each book. A “Code Entry” area is used to unlock secret information based on the codes found in the books. The “Beyond the Universe” page contains information about the team’s ship and fictional information about planets. New sections will be unlocked as each book in the series is launched. The “Project Alpha” area invites participants to take a quiz and become part of the team. Users will also enjoy creating their own ZRK Commander using the “Customizer” tool.
Voyager: The Game is an app that immerses players in the world of the books. Users pilot their space craft through an asteroid field, test their knowledge, complete puzzles, and explore planets.
This multi-platform experience could serve as the focal point for a fun library book club or literature project. Aimed at the middle grades, even reluctant readers will be drawn to the action and multi-media approach. Students would enjoy inventing their own planets and writing their own stories based on the book characters.
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Published by Random House Children’s Books.