Thursday, September 01, 2016

Website Review: Total Solar Eclipse

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE from Exploratorium provides a gathering place for news, information, and resources related to total solar eclipses.
The “About Eclipses” section includes nine short videos defining a solar eclipse and demonstrating what happens and how to view one. It also contains links to informational pages containing diagrams, maps, and other useful scientific facts.
The “Our Expedition” section takes users through the process of participating in a solar eclipse including live broadcasts, Tweets, blog entries, and suggestions for hosting an event.
The “Past Eclipses” section includes information about past eclipse events and webcasts back to 1998.
Librarians and science teachers will want to participate in the August 2017 event that will be appearing in the skies above the USA. The website will be updated as the event draws nearer. Create a bulletin board showing a map of the 2017 event and information about eclipses. Include books and other information to generate interest in this unusual event.
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