Monday, April 06, 2015

Book Review: Kangaroo to the Rescue!

KANGAROO TO THE RESCUE! by Moira Rose Donahue is the latest in the AMAZING ANIMAL HEROES CHAPTERS series from National Geographic Kids.
The book features three true stories featuring animals. First, Lulu the Kangaroo saves her human friend after an accident. Next, when Maggie the dog goes blind, her dog companion Pilot becomes her guide dog. Finally, three pigs named Dasiey, Lulu and Buttercup come to the rescue.
Each story includes three, short, fast-paced chapters. Appealing photographs of the real animals from the stories add to the drama. “Did You Know” fact boxes and full-page, spotlights on key topics help readers understand the context of the story. In addition, pronunciation is provided for difficult vocabulary.
Informational reading experiences are an important element of the Common Core. The CHAPTERS series is an effective way to address nonfiction reading needs.
The animal stories will appeal to both boys and girls. Beyond animal rescues, librarians will find many other “More True Stories” topics in the CHAPTERS series to keep children interested in reading.
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