Thursday, December 03, 2015

Website Review: Learn. Genetics

LEARN. GENETICS from the Genetic Science Learning Center provides high-quality, interactive information about genetics as well as the foundational science related to genetics topics.
Sponsored by the University of Utah, the website is divided into the areas of genetics, cell biology, ecology, human health, neuroscience, and science tools. Each section provides fascinating tutorials and interactives related to core concepts.
The Genetics section begins with a tour of basic genetics. Then, examines specific aspects of the field such as characteristics of inheritance and epigenetics. In addition, it explores practical applications such as pigeon breeding.
Each resource includes interesting information and visuals. Most incorporate interactive elements to keep students interested.
Librarians will find many connections to the science curriculum. Consider working with the science teacher to select specific sections that might be used to introduce or reinforce a science lesson.
To visit the website, go to