Saturday, October 08, 2016

Book Review: Rise of the Lioness

RISE OF THE LIONESS by Bradley Hague tells the true story of the decline of predators, the last lioness, and hopes for ecosystem renewal in West Zambia.
This work of nonfiction is organized into five chapters exploring the collapse and rebuilding of lions in Liuwa Plain National Park. The book begins with an exploration of life in the African plains. Next, readers explore the decline of the predator population as a result of animal conflict, human war, and other causes. Next, the book describes the plans for restoration and the rebuilding process. The lioness known as the Lady of Liuwa serves as an example of the struggles experienced by the lion population during this process. The book concludes with an afterword, glossary, and index.
Librarians will find this book popular among middle grade students who enjoy animals particularly lions, along with those interested in wildlife conservation. This book would be an excellent way to introduce students to the ecosystems and the interconnected lives of plants, animals, and humans in a healthy environment.
Published by National Geographic on September 13, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.