Monday, January 16, 2017

Website Review: Oyez

The OYEZ: US SUPREME COURT MEDIA website contains over 2,000 recordings of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court.
Sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology, the website provides access to information about cases, justices, and news. It also provides a tour.
The Cases section for the website features US Supreme Court cases by term, year, and name. The name, description, dates (granted, argued, decided), citation link, facts of the case, question, and conclusion area provided for each case. In most cases, an audio file is provided of the oral arguments along with a transcript.
The Justices section contains information about each Justice and the cases they argued. The News section is displayed as a blog. It includes a news roundup, historical information, and other short articles. Each article contains tags that are easy to search. While most articles are text, a few contain video.
The U.S. Supreme Court 360 degree virtual tour is an engaging way to explore the court building and justice’ chambers.
Librarians will find this website useful for government classes as well as students interested in exploring social issues that have come before the court.
To explore the website, go to