Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Book Review: Bird & Squirrel On Ice

BIRD & SQUIRREL ON ICE by James Burks is a followup to the hilarious Bird & Squirrel on the Run. This time the duo have crash landed at the South Pole and must find a way to avoid becoming Killer Whale food.

The Bird & Squirrel series provides a great entry into graphic novels for young readers. The easy-to-follow panels and the crisp, colorful artwork will engage beginning readers. The well-developed characters and humorous story will also appeal to children.

Although Scholastic doesn’t provide a Graphix Comic Builder specifically for this series, children would enjoy building their own comics using the characters from some of the other Graphix series. Go to to learn more.

Looking for other graphic novel style books for beginning readers? Try Toon Books at This website also have activities for kids.

To read more about author James Burks, explore his website at

NetGalley ARC used for review