Thursday, April 09, 2015

App Review: Amazing World Ocean

AMAZING WORLD OCEAN is an extraordinary 3D science encyclopedia app.
This impressive experience begins with users scrolling down deep into the ocean to discover its inhabitants.
Divided into six layers including schools, coral reef, dolphins, whales, sharks, and the deep ocean, the app features information about over 50 ocean species.
Users click on the species of interest and scroll through informational pages displayed as long, multi-screen infographics. Each entry begins with an image and visual scale reference. Next, a couple paragraphs of background information is presented. While the text size is small and can’t be enlarged, high-quality, optional audio narration is provided to support reading. In some cases, creature sounds are also available.
A figure containing the length, weight, and depth of the creature is shown along with a habitat map. A series of interesting facts provide depth to the content of the page. Again, the text size is small and it’s all uppercase, but readable. Amazing 3D views make users feel like they’re swimming with the sea creatures. Finally, a gallery of photos bring the creature to life.
The outstanding illustrations and rich background music throughout add to the appeal. The setting options provides the choice to turn off the music.
With no in-app purchases or advertisements, this app would be an excellent addition to a school library collection. This reference app would appeal to all grades.
Look for AMAZING WORLD OCEAN on the “best of 2015” app lists.
Watch the amazing making of matte paint for the iPad app. Go to
Developed by FourPlus Studio and distributed by Dimitar Itskov February 19, 2015.