Saturday, October 13, 2018

Book: Belle's Journey

BELLE’S JOURNEY: AN OSPREY TAKES FLIGHT by Rob Bierregaard tells the true story of an Osprey’s first migration experience.
When scientist Dr. B places a tracking device on an osprey he names Belle, he’s able to follow her migration to South America and back. Reminiscent of Rachel Carson’s creative nonfiction, the story explores what Belle may have experienced on her long journey. Dr. B’s connection with two young naturalists will appeal to young readers. While the illustrations meet the basic needs of the book, the photographs at the end of the book really bring Belle to life.
Librarians will find an audience for this book among animal lovers and the growing number of nonfiction narrative fans. Share this title on creative nonfiction lists otherwise it might easily get lost among the informational bird books. Encourage science teachers to offer this title as an optional assignment.
Published by Charlesbridge on May 15, 2018. ARC courtesy of the publisher.