Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book Review: The Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill

THE BOY WHO BECAME BUFFALO BILL by Andrea Warren is an engrossing nonfiction adventure featuring young Billy Cody.
This compelling true story details young Billy Cody’s life growing up on the plains and ultimately becoming an entertainer. Although the book discusses the Wild West show, emphasis is placed on his younger years. The bulk of the biography explores his tween and young adult years in Kansas, his role in the Civil War, and his work as a scout and guide.
The author skillfully weaves historical events into the real-life story of the beloved entertainer. The author’s notes point out that the legend can be difficult to distinguish from the facts. However, Warren’s well-researched biography does an excellent job focusing on historically accurate information.
Librarians will find this biography is written specifically for the middle grade audience. The easy-to-read narrative combined with the short chapters focusing on specific historical events will be attractive to young readers. The wealth of primary source documents including photographs will add to the appeal for young learners. A discussion guide is available for this title.
Add this title to your growing collection of outstanding biographical works by Andrea Warren.
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Published by Two Lions on November 3, 2015. ARC courtesy of the publisher.