Monday, June 29, 2015

Tech Review: MakeBeliefsComix

The MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX website (and app) provides an easy-to-use tool for creating comic strips.
Two, three, or four panel comics can be created. Users begin by naming their comic and providing their name. Next, youth add characters, words, objects, backgrounds, and talk/thought balloons to the panels. Users can change the background color too. Sidebar tools allow creators to scale, bring to font, and flip elements. Comics can be printed or emailed.
In addition to the tool itself, other resources are provided including materials for teachers, special needs, and ESOL/literacy. Writing prompts and tools are also available. Free e-books provide lots of classroom ideas.
Librarians will find endless uses for this easy-to-use comic strip generator.
The comic creator is now available as an App through iTunes.
To create a comic, go to