Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Review: 125 COOL INVENTIONS

125 COOL INVENTIONS: SUPERSMART MACHINES AND WACKY GADGETS YOU NEVER KNEW YOU WANTED! is the latest amazing addition to the “125” collection from National Geographic Kids.
From a fish toilet tank and mobile sauna to a multicopter, this book is chuck-full of incredible inventions. Designed for middle-grade students, each two-page spread is filled with colorful photographs of inventions along with descriptions and interesting facts.
At three points in the book, sets of seven-related finds, gadgets, or ideas are presented. Otherwise, readers are bombarded with one invention after another in no particular order. However, a table of contents and index are provided for those interested in a particular topic or category of invention.
Youth never tire of these highly-illustrated National Geographic Kids books. They’re perfect for reluctant readers and those who enjoy short descriptions rather than long narratives. Highlighted words draw reader interest and feature key scientific ideas.
Lovers of engineering and inventions will flock to the library for this attractive and amazing book. Librarians might as well buy multiple copies with the library binding because this book will be in constant circulation.
Children can go to the website to vote for their favorite inventions at…/125-cool-inventions/.
Published by National Geographic Kids, May 12, 2015