Monday, August 22, 2016

Technology Review: The Voyage of Van Diemen's Land

THE VOYAGE TO VAN DIEMEN’S LAND is an educational game set in the 19th century.
Produced by the Australian National Maritime Museum, the learning experience immerses players in the year 1830. As the surgeon superintendent aboard a convict vessel, players must successfully transport human cargo from Britain to what is now known as Tasmania Australia.
The game’s introduction provides a fast-paced, highly illustrated overview of history connected to the game. Players begin by selecting a ship, captain, and supplies. After loading the supplies, convicts, an overseer, and assistant are chosen. Finally, rats much be caught. During the voyage, the mood and health of the passengers must be carefully supervised. Stops along the way are essential, but can also cause problems. Games are built into the story keeping student players motivated.
Librarians will find that the combination of humor along with the use of realistic problems and historically accurate information makes this a highly engaging way to learn about world history. Much like the old Oregon Trail game, the key is helping students make historical connections as they work their way through the game experience.
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