Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Website Review: The Chauvet-Pont D-Arc Cave

THE CHAUVET-PONT D’ARC CAVE website explores a 36,000 year old archaeological site in France.
Users begin with a virtual tour of the original cave. The 360 degree exploration includes clickable areas for further investigation of each hall. The information boxes include photographs, diagrams, maps, and other information. The video section provides access to a series of short chips taken inside the cave.
After the introduction, the website is organized into four chapters. The Discover the Cave section allows users to zoom-in on cave drawings, learn about the location, explore the human presence, examine research, and learn about the history of the cave. The Cave Replica explores the cavern, the grand project, and the scientific and artistic restitution elements. The Other Perspectives section features people associated with the cave. The Resources section includes a media library, links, bibliography, and a glossary. The website also includes a map.
Librarians will find this website to be a fascinating way to help youth learn about early world history and archaeology.
To visit the website, go to