Thursday, October 15, 2015

Website Review: The Great War Archaeology

THE GREAT WAR ARCHAEOLOGY website explores the work archaeologists are doing to learn more about World War I in France (1914-1918).
This amazing website is divided into five sections titled Called Up to the Front, Archaeological Remains, Day-to-Day Life, Day-to-Day Death, and Underground War and Technical Innovations. Each section provides short text segments, historical photos, maps, video, and other interesting materials.
In addition to the core materials, the chronology section provides an interactive timeline of events along with useful primary source documents and information. The links area provides websites where users can find out more about World War I. Finally, the glossary defines key terms and locations.
Librarians will find the archaeology focus a unique way to explore World War I topics and primary sources. This approach may also attract students who are drawn to the scientific and technical aspects of studying history. Foreign language teachers should note that the website is available in French and German in addition English.
To explore the website, go to