Monday, October 19, 2015

Website Review: TED-Ed

The TED-ED website is TED’s education initiative focusing on short video lessons for students and educators.
As a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) has covered many educational issues in the past. However, they have recently developed a growing library of lessons aimed specifically at sparking curiosity in learners around the world.
The TED-Ed project contains a number of different elements.
The Lessons area provides access to thousands of lessons. Users can search for topics of interest. Educators are also encouraged to build and contribute a lesson around a TED-Ed Original, TED Talk, or YouTube video. The lessons have a standard format including a title, introduction, embedded video, and creator area. They also contains watch, think, dig deeper, and discussion elements. The Customize This Lesson option allows users to add context, questions, discussion items, and follow-up suggestions to any lesson.
The Series area provides organized access to thematic topics such as superhero science, inventions that shaped history, or playing with language.
TED-Ed Clubs supports students in presenting their big ideas through TED-style talks. Information is provided about how to start and facilitate a club.
The Get Involved area encourages learners and educators to nominate an exceptional educator or animator to produce a video.
The TED-Ed blog provides information about what’s happening at TED-Ed including new lessons, suggestions, and teaching strategies.
Librarians will find a wealth of high quality resources at TED-Ed. Consider collaborating with a teacher to create your own TED-Ed Club!
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