Monday, August 08, 2016

Book Review: Sabotage

SABOTAGE: THE MISSION TO DESTROY HITLER’S ATOMIC BOMBS by Neal Bascomb is a young adult edition of the best selling adult book “The Winter Fortress”.
This nonfiction narrative tells the true story of a band of young Norwegian commandos who survive in the winter wilderness and execute two dangerous missions to sabotage Nazi plans to build a nuclear bomb. Filled with technical details and vivid descriptions, Bascomb successful brings this historical event to life for readers.
Librarians will find that this fast-paced story of WWII era espionage will be popular among teens who enjoy historical fiction, military works, and narrative nonfiction. The author’s use of primary source documents including many photographs and maps add authenticity and drama to this true story. Add this title to the library’s growing number of quality works of narrative nonfiction for young adults.
Published by Scholastic on May 31, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.