Wednesday, July 27, 2016

App Review: Earthquake

EARTHQUAKE by Nico Tranquilli is a free app providing the latest worldwide data about earthquake activity.
This attractive, well-designed app features a list of today’s seismic events along with an easy-to-use interactive map showing recent activity. The map makes it easy to zoom-in on areas of frequent activity. Students can select the magnitudes they wish to view including 2+, 3.5+, and 5+.
Each event includes it’s location, magnitude, depth, time, and coordinates. While much of the information comes directly from the USGS, other global services also contribute data.
Librarians will find this free app to be a useful addition to their app reference collection. Ask youth to compare recent earthquake activities to well-known faults and activities such as drilling. Incorporate this tool into meaningful, data literacy activities.
As an alternative to this app, go directly to the USGS Earthquake website at for current information.