Thursday, October 29, 2015

Website Review: Warsaw Rising

WARSAW RISING is a website that tells the story of a the fall and rebirth of the city of Warsaw Poland.
The website is divided into sections that take users from 1918 through the present. The sections include Warsaw: The Capitol of Poland, Invasion of Poland, German Policy of Terror, De Polnische Untergrundstaat, Battle for Freedom, Insurgent Republic, In Stalin’s Grip, Destruction of the City, In the Shadow of Yalta, and Phoenix from the Ashes.
Each section includes short narratives, photographs, primary source documents, videos, and other materials to enhance the experience.
Users can move linear through the screens or stop to explore through the use of maps and other interactive elements.
Students will find this website to be an engaging way to learn about the impact of war on a city. Involve youth in thinking about how war has impacted other cities around the world. Ask them to build their own timeline incorporating primary source materials.
To explore the website, go to