Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Website Review: NBC Learn

NBC LEARN is a website focusing on news and information of interest to K-12 students.
Thousands of standards aligned stories have been digitized from the NBC News archives dating back to the 1920s. Both subscription-based and free resources are available.
The subscription-based option is connected with the Pearson Online Learning Exchange (OLE).
The free resources include over a dozen video projects. While some collections focus on event-specific topics such as Pi Day, the Summer Olympics, and the Winter Olympics, others are connected to sports topics of interest such as the Science of Golf, Hockey, and Football. Topics specific to science include water, innovation, chemistry, and climate change.
History topics include a video series on the Civil Rights Era and one on the Titanic.
The Writers Speak to Kids is a video series containing over a dozen interviews with award-winning authors talking about the craft of creative writing. Librarians will be specifically interested in these short, quality videos.