Thursday, October 08, 2015

Book Review: What in the World? Look Again

WHAT IN THE WORLD? LOOK AGAIN from National Geographic Kids is the second book in a new series that contains dozens of fascinating photo puzzles for middle grades children to ponder.
As readers work their way through this colorful book, they’re faced with eight different types of puzzles.
The “What in the World?” puzzles ask children to use photos and written clues to find the answers to questions.
The “Real or Fake?” activities involve youth in deciding if a photo is real or fake.
The “Take a Look!” puzzles ask children to find items in a photo on a list.
The “Up Close” photos involve youth in matching extreme close-up photos with other images.
The “Hidden Animals” activities ask readers to find animals hidden in their natural habitats.
The “Optical Illusion” puzzles involves readers in looking at images different ways.
The “Double Take” photos ask children to find differences between two photos.
The “More Challenges” activities extend the experience with additional experiences to extend brain power. Answers can be found at the end of the book along with other resources to explore.
Librarians will find this new series to be a popular alternative to the “I Spy” books. The visual mysteries will provide endless opportunities for problem-solving fun. Use the book to kick off a digital photography project. Get youth involved with creating their own visual photo puzzles.
Published by National Geographic Kids on September 8, 2015.