Saturday, November 01, 2014

Book Review: Gracefully Grace

GRACEFULLY GRACE by Ami Polonsky is filled with well-developed, believable characters who represent the spectrum of authentic reactions to Grayson’s gender identity issues. While Grayson faces bullying, rejection, and ridicule from some, “she” is also surrounded by caring friends and an understanding teacher. Polonsky does an outstanding job helping readers see these different points of view from Grayson’s perspective.

From the first page, readers become immersed in sixth-grader Grayson’s secret life. The first person, conversational style helps readers see the world through “her” eyes. Grayson’s bravery in trying out for the girl’s lead in the school play is a powerful statement that leads “her” on a path to self-discovery.

The frustrations and insecurities of middle school children are realistically portrayed through short chapters that keep the story moving and build empathy for Grayson’s situation.

I’m happy to see the subject of gender identity being addressed in a developmentally appropriate way for middle school youth. In addition, there are many parents and teachers who would benefit from this realistic story about a timely topic.

The e-pages of this book flew by. This unique work is a book I’ll be thinking about long into the future.

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