Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Review: If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don't

IF YOU EVER WANT TO BRING A PIANO TO THE BEACH, DON’T! by Elise Parsley is the second book in the humorous “MAGNOLIA SAYS DON’T” series.
This cautionary tale follows Magnolia who is determined to bring her piano to the beach. From fighting off nesting seagulls to washing the piano in the ocean, Magnolia deals with disaster after disaster before deciding that bringing a piano to the beach is a bad idea.
The combination of adorable, brightly colored illustrations with an unexpected ending make this picture book useful for read-aloud experiences. Librarians will find that the book lends itself to endless classroom connections for discussion and writing activities.
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Published by Little, Brown for Young Readers on May 3, 2016, an imprint of Hachette Book Group. ARC courtesy of the publisher.