Sunday, October 09, 2016

Website Review: Histography

HISTOGRAPHY is a website visualization of world history that can be explored many different ways.
After opening the website, users are presented with a timeline containing dots representing historical events from the last four hundred years. Clicking a dot presents an event, date, and image along with a link to a Wikipedia article. Clicking related events, show users historical points that are connected to the original article.
By clicking on the timeline, users can select from eras covering decades or millions of years such as Middle Ages or Age of Reptiles . Users can also explore the resources by choosing selected events from categories such as art, disasters, and discoveries. Resources can also be accessed by selecting from editorial stories.
Librarians will find that students are fascinated by this interactive visualization. Use it to motivate young historians and help them explore history. Incorporate the website into a lesson focusing on timelines and categories of history.
To visit the website, go to