Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Review: We Dig Worms!

WE DIG WORMS! by Kevin McCloskey is an adorable informational book for beginning readers. From sea worms to earthworms, the simple narrative follows a child’s exploration of the world of worms.
Designed for children 3 and older, this highly illustrated book is designed for kindergarten and first grade readers. While some of the all-caps sentences may be difficult for beginning readers, the mixture of traditional picture book and comic presentation formats will appeal to young children.
The appealing illustrations created on recycled paper bags and printed on brown paper pages make the look and feel of the book distinct. The compelling visuals encourage youth get down on the ground an observe nature closeup. Important science facts are seamlessly woven into the short narrative. The different perspectives of birds, children, and earthworms all add to the appeal of the informational text. Scientifically correct diagrams add information of interest to older readers as well as younger children.
The back endpages explain how to read comics with children and the book website provides Common Core connections and a student activity sheet.
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Published by Toon Books, Spring 2015.