Friday, February 23, 2018

Website Review: Making North America

MAKING NORTH AMERICA is an interactive map from NOVA that explores geological sites across the continent.
Designed for grades 6-12, this interactive tool involves students in geology and history through an interactive experience.
The project begins with an introduction video, then users can choose the explore, expedition, or water options.
The Explore section asks users to click on a map to explore geological sites or experience a video sky tour. Within each area, users follow geologists as they explore geological features.
The Expedition section contain three treks that ask users to search for clues about how North American was formed. The treks begin with a video, then involve students in engaging activities that involve clicking, dragging, and making choices.
The Watch section provides complete videos of three NOVA episodes: origins, life, and humans.
Librarians will find this to be an excellent addition to the earth science program. The visual and interactive features will keep students actively engaged in learning. Divide a class into three teams each exploring a different trek. Then, ask them to come together and share their experience.